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  • When was W&N Development founded, and who owns and manages the company?
    W&N was founded over 20 years ago by Wayne and Nancy Vander Linden. It is now managed and operated by two of their sons, Eric, and Kyle.
  • What safety measures do W&N Development employees follow on job sites?
    W&N operates under all OSHA guidelines. We have worked on high profile jobsites on and off military bases. High safety standards are a normal day practice.
  • What are the core values that guide W&N Development?
    W&N operates and performs it daily operation with our core values at upmost of mind. Leading by example, communication, ownership, honesty, culture, growth, loyalty, being humble, positivity, and enthusiasm!
  • What is the primary goal of W&N Development?
    The primary goal is to deliver top quality at an affordable price. We strive on repeat business through exceptional customer service in the office and field.
  • How can I get in touch with W&N Development to inquire about your services?
    We can be contacted on our website, via telephone at 360-383-0660 or through email at or
  • What services does W&N Development provide?
    W&N offers a wide range of services, we specialize in structural and site concrete. From small foundations to larger buildings with significant structural elements with tall walls. We control our buildings via total stations so complicated dimensioning and bolt patterns do not pose an issue. We’ve tackled utility vaults and large slabs with great deals of success. W&N also has an extensive seal coating set up to protect and add beauty to your existing asphalt while sealing any cracks creating a problem.

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