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We are usually not the cheapest option, price isn't something we strive to compete against. It comes down to quality and execution. Anyone can give a cheap price to buy a project but we pride ourselves on always getting the project done right the first time. Our experience and equipment from years of service is what separates us.
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W&N Development, founded in 1996, is owned and managed by the Vander Linden Family. Wayne and Nancy started the company in Ferndale, Washington primarily as a concrete foundation, excavation, and mobile home installation business. They, along with two of their sons Kyle and Eric, have expanded the business to include modular installs, seal coating/line striping, steel erection construction, and recently W&N Concrete Pumping, based in Kelso, Washington.

     W&N’s goal is to provide a smart, affordable alternative to construction by offering a unique and compelling approach through project strategy and execution while remaining closely connected with their customers. Building trust through initiatives and fostering a warm and personable service experience has helped carve a niche as a consistently reliable company where 100% complete and full customer satisfaction sets the bar.

     W&N’s employees exemplify the brand. Employees are routinely safety trained and conscious of potential site hazards. The Company strives to minimize or eliminate these risks prior to entering your job-site.


     W&N Development performs work in Residential and Commercial fields, from the large job-site to your backyard.

“Give us a call and let us earn your business”



The Values That Guide Everything We Do At W&N Development


We understand that there is literally no other way to lead than from the front. We cannot lead if we are not willing to do. We cannot teach or expect anyone to follow our lead if we haven't done the work ourselves and set the standard on what to do and how to do it. We understand that bosses tell you how to work and a leader shows you how to work.


Communication is a foundational value of our community because it combines our focus on open source sharing everything we do with the world with our focus on constant improvement as individuals and as an organization. Failures always tend to happen less when everyone involved has all the information.


It means not waiting for others to act and caring about the outcome as much as an owner of the company would. It is being accountable for the results of your actions - that are of the highest quality and delivered in a timely manner. Taking ownership shows others that they can trust you to do the right thing.


Honesty is demonstrated by what we say and by what we do. It impacts our entire life; our jobs, our relationships, our own feelings about ourselves, and the actions we take. It can move us forward and allow us to feel good about what we do.


When we choose to be part of a community, we compile our knowledge, resources, and skills that allow us to work toward shared goals. Community means that we are dedicated to our colleagues, our work, and our position within the organization while being motivated by the way those around us innovate and take initiative. We are above all else a family owned and operated company.


We are always learning and striving to better the company and ourselves. We believe in taking the time to learn things on our own to better ourselves personally and improve our performance. We know that learning is essential to growing and that our personal growth and performance have a direct impact on the company’s growth and performance. We work to get better everyday and constantly push ourselves for personal progress and make it a point to never be the weak link on the team.


We are, above all else, loyal. We believe in loyalty to our customers because without them we serve no purpose. We are loyal teammates because they are the ones in the trenches with us fighting for our mission to help others. We are loyal to ourselves and to these core values; they shape us and define what we believe will make us successful.


We stay humble and practice humility when it comes to our own progress and accomplishments. We don’t take the credit for our individual successes but instead give credit to the people who make our individual successes possible. We always give credit to others for a job well done, and we accept full responsibility when things go poorly.



We believe in the big picture, the direction we are all collectively going and exactly what needs to be done to get there. We believe in everything that W&N stands for, including these core values, and live by them both inside and outside of the job sites. This is who we are fundamentally at our core and we fully believe in that.


We are enthusiastic about being a part of the W&N Team. Our enthusiasm and passion for what we do carries through to all levels of our performance both at the job site and in our dealings with others externally. We understand that being enthusiastic is contagious and if we are enthusiastic and excited to help our customers, co-workers, and the company they will reciprocate that excitement about us.

Team Members

Our Leadership Team

Eric Vander Linden
Office Manager
Kyle Vander Linden
Project Manager
Noah Elwell
Project Superintendent
Michael Ceroll
Builder Advisor
Sean Roberts
Sales/Concrete Specialist

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Complete control over our process and products allows us to ensure our clients receive the best quality prices and service.

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